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foundation-repairYour house strength is something that you cannot afford to compromise on. This is because you will require utmost safety when resting or living in the house you have established. It is important to note that a lot of people have lost their lives when their houses collapse due to lack of firm and sturdy foundation. You should therefore avoid suffering the same fate for not making your house strong from the beginning.

Helical piers is one of the best solutions to houses with weak foundations. Note that the foundation of the house is the most important part since it carries all the other weight. Helical piers has for long been confirmed to offer the best support for your house such that you remain safe all along.

In most cases, helical piers are used to offer the best support for houses which rest on weak soils. It is important to note that there comes a time when weak soil may not support the weight of a house any more. In this regard, you will require laying down all the necessary measures to ensure that the house regains its sturdiness again. Helical piers can help you do just that.

It is important to note that helical piers are usually drilled down to the ground. This makes the connection between the ground and the foundation of the house stronger. The piers ensure that there is no even the slightest movement taking place in the foundation.

At times, foundation disorder brings about change in shape and position of your house. Cracks and dents may also occur on the walls due to the deteriorated nature of the foundation. This can pose a very serious risk to the residents of the house in question. To ensure that you house regains its original position and the foundation aligned, you can make use of helical piers. They are known to give the foundation renewed strength.

foundation-issuesIf you did not install helical piers when establishing your house, then there might come a time when you will require using them. The hard task may be how to establish that your house require helical piers. The good thing is that there are a couple of signs that should signal the necessity to install helical piers. If you do not feel comfortable assessing the situation yourself, then you can hire a professional company, like Piertech Systems, to evaluate any issues with your foundation.

It is important to first note that the need to use helical piers emanates from faults in the foundation. However, the signs might spread out to other parts of the house like the windows and doors.

Here are signs that your need to install helical piers in your house foundation:

Sticking Windows and Doors
At times you might realize that your house windows are getting rigid and stubborn by the day. It might even come a time when they completely become sticky and fail to open. If that is the case with your windows, then your foundation is probably developing faults. Note that any slight movement made by the foundation will change the shape and position of the house hence the dislocation of the windows and doors.

Interior Wall Cracks
It is important to note that a slight twist on your house foundation means that any other part suffers the same effect. This means that cracks in the foundation will spread to the walls. Once you realize that your house walls are developing cracks, then it is an indication of foundation failure hence the need to use helical piers.

Tilting Chimney
You will certainly notice any changes in the chimney position. Any foundation failure directly affects the position of the chimney. It automatically tilts to one side such that any person from afar can easily notice. Chimney tilting is a clear indication that there is something wrong with the foundation hence the need to install helical piers.